Prosentient Systems is highly skilled in delivering stable, hosted solutions to hundreds of government and commercial clients in Australia and the world.  

We can provide open source and bespoke hosted services in stable and secure environments.  Some of our web solutions include:

  • Carpool systems hosted for the Community Carpooling Association
  • Moodle learning management systems - the most popular open source learning management system
  • Drupal content management system - the most widely implemented open source system among libraries

Carpool systems

Carpool by Prosentient Systems is an efficient and eco-friendly system that connects drivers and passengers to save money, make new acquaintances and help the environment. This service was first commissioned to meet the needs of the NSW Ministry of Transport. But we are experts at hosting both corporate and government systems. It is a practical way of sharing transport costs and reducing road congestion and vehicle pollution, and is already operating in a number of local government areas in Australia, and is also available in the United Kingdom. 

Carpool by Prosentient Systems is highly customisable, with a range of features. We want to give you complete control over information on the website, so we built it with effective management functions, including a content management system (CMS). It is template based so we can brand the system easily with your logos and banners.

Have a look at our gallery for example projects.

Carpool apps are available for Android, iOs and Windows mobile devices. For example, see our apps developed for Adelaide Carpool for iOS and Android operating systems.

How it works

Drivers and passengers register their contact details and journey requirements on the site or app. They select their journey and search for others going in the same direction (both drivers and passengers, or passengers with a licence).

The software automatically puts passengers and drivers with matching requirements in touch to discuss possible journey sharing arrangements. 

If agreed, they meet up en route and complete one or more journeys together. 

Members of the community can opt for an initial "Test Drive" to try the service before signing up.

Benefits for carpoolers

Carpooling just one or two days a week can make all the difference, by:

  • Saving money
  • Reducing wear and tear on the car and you
  • Helping to reduce carbon emissions 
  • Making the roads safer through fewer cars
  • Potentially making new friends and connections